Welcome to Rizers
Welcome to Rizers
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Rizers helps ambitious individuals and smart companies increase engagement and leadership capabilities. Our goal is to change the conversation around networking, recruiting, employee engagement, and talent.

As the nature of work evolves right in front of us, ambition and smarts aren’t enough to succeed. You have to be savvy and focused as well. For individuals, that means finding the sweet spot for your career. And perhaps most importantly for individuals, it means having a clearly defined development plan that really speaks to your best and highest purpose in life.” For smart companies, it means creating an environment for employees that offers a chance to find meaning and purpose in the work that they do and in the ways they develop new skills and abilities to contribute to your organization.

Change is in the air. Individuals sense opportunities and employers are looking for ways to do things differently—not just to acquire the best talent, but to retain it as well. While we’re not certain which direction the change in the employee-employer relationship is headed, we do know that it feels fundamentally deep. And as such, no longer will the status quo suffice. The “gig economy” is growing. Employees at all stages of their career are wondering if there’s still time to step onto another career path, and if so, what path might speak to them.

Rizers helps ambitious individuals and smart companies move ahead. We do this through public speaking, public workshops, individual coaching, and consulting to organizations and teams.

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Are You High Potential?

Of course you are!

At most companies a few people get anointed as having “high potential.” Those folks get most of the resources in terms of a lift up the ladder (executive education programs, attention from and visibility to the senior leadership team, executive coaches, etc.). They’re set up to rise.

But what about you? Has your potential been unleashed? Have you managed to push yourself into more development and greater visibility? Are you, in fact, a Rizer?

Building Your Brand

We get a lot of questions about building a personal brand. Me Inc. You 2.0. It’s an exciting time to be a skilled and ambitious individual. No longer are you just a  job title. You, and the image you put forth, the perception others hold for you, is in fact your brand!  The good news is, as Tom Peters points out, that with a personal brand, “everyone has a chance to stand out. Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build up their skills. Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of a remark. (Fast Company > The Brand Called You)




The First 100 Days

Hit the ground running in a new role or a new company!

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Words of Wisdom


Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

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